CodyCross Answers – Planet Earth Group 2

CodyCross Planet Earth Group 2-Puzzle 1 Answers

Loans for Those with Bad Credit – SubPrime
Next in Line after Tenth – Eleventh
A Native of the Capital of France – Parisian
Santa’s Flying Four-legged Helper – Reindeer
Intimate Women’s Apparel; Lace, Silk or Satin – Lingerie
Person Who Creates or Sells Artificial Hair Cover – Wigmaker
Liquid Put on Salads or Other Foods – Dressing
Uncontrolled Emotional Outburst – Meltdown
“Not the __ Tool in the Shed” – Sharpest
Shapes with Eight Sides – Octagons
Item Used To Cool the Engine in a Car – Radiator
Involves General Ideas, it’s Not Concrete – Abstract


CodyCross Planet Earth Group 2-Puzzle 2 Answers

Return, Go Back To an Earlier Behavior – Regress
Term for Male Spouse – Husband
Statue of __; Us Pride; Present from France – Liberty
Collagen Used In Products from Candy to Cosmetics – Gelatine
Someone Who Trespasses To Catch Animals Illegally – Poacher
Item from the Past, Not Modern – Antique
Bram Stoker’s Most Famous Book – Dracula
Midwestern City with Two Mob Teams – Chicago
Large Soft Fabric Used As Bed Covering – Blanket
Small Breed of Dog Named After an Island – Maltese
A Favourite Phrase of His Is “ay, Crambo”: Bart __ – Simpson


CodyCross Planet Earth Group 2-Puzzle 3 Answers

Peace, Love and Rock and Roll Music Festival – Woodstock
Mechanical Piece Used To Spray Water – Sprinkler
The Story of Somebody’s Life – Biography
Renounces the Throne – Abdicates
Picturesque Greek Island on Aegean Sea – Santorini
Silk Canopy Helps Aircraft Escapees – Parachute
So easy to operate that it’s Impossible to Go Wrong – Fool proof
Significant, Key, Vital – Important
A __, A Good Luck Charm; Should Be Hung Facing Up – Horseshoe
Encouraged, Given the Impetus to Go Ahead – Motivated
Played Elaine on Ally McNealy, Jane __ – Krakowski
Us Retired Track And Field Athlete – Carl Lewis
Not Showing Care for the Consequences of an Action – Imprudent
Wireless Network That Can Be Used To Transfer Data – Bluetooth
Someone You Tell Secrets To – Confidant
Artificial Supports or Braces for a Body Part – Orthotics
Sang Songs to Impress or Win Someone’s Heart – Serenaded


CodyCross Planet Earth Group 2-Puzzle 4 Answers

__ of Miletus, Early Greek Philosopher – Thales
Nearly 25,000 Perished Constructing This Canal – Panama
Member of the Mint Family That Felines Love – Catnip
House building Animal Whose Teeth Never Stop Growing – Beaver
Gif: Graphics Interchange __ – Format
2000s Political Movement, __ Wall Street – Occupy
Dairy Product Made By Churning Milk – Butter
Karen __, Author Of Out Of Africa – Blixen
What Astronauts Use To Go Into Space – Rocket
Popular Mexican Destination – Cancun
Arranging Papers in an Order – Filing
Greek City-state Depicted In the Film 300 – Sparta
Armed __, Government’s Defence, Military – Forces
Country Music Legend, Cannabis Activist, __ Nelson – Willie
Put Fluid in the Body with a Syringe – Inject


CodyCross Planet Earth Group 2-Puzzle 5 Answers

Rapper, Star of 8 Mile – Eminem
Interstellar Cloud of Gas and Dust – Nebula
Life Used To Be Gloomier Before Him – Edison
A Tree That Weeps – Willow
Another Name for A Stylus on a Record-player – Needle
To Inflict Harm On Behalf Of Another Harmed – Avenge
Sauce Commonly Served With Fish Sticks – Tartar
Gary __ Almost Played General Grievous In Star Wars – Old man
Person with Special Knowledge in a Subject – Expert
Also Referred To As Scottish Language – Gaelic
Stocking Holder Used In Wedding Tradition – Garter
Anagram of Sprite – Priest
He Won an Oscar for High Noon, Gary __ – Cooper
Puzzle, Enigma with Veiled Meaning – Riddle


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