CodyCross Answers – Planet Earth Group 3

CodyCross Planet Earth Group 3-Puzzle 1 Answers

Arrow-firing Sport – Archery
Male Perfume and a German City – Cologne
Samuel __, Real Name of Author Mark Twain – Clemens
Joint __: Shared By Two or More People – Account
To Finish Something Successfully, To Accomplish – Achieve
A Type of Ballroom Dance Developed In The 1910s – Foxtrot
Green Spaces That Belong To Homes – Gardens
Style of Hair Cropped Close To the Scalp – Buzz cut
Someone You Can’t Trust – Traitor
Cold Weather Bird Living In Southern Hemisphere – Penguin
Teacher That Counsels Students in School – Advisor


Cody Cross Planet Earth Group 3-Puzzle 2 Answers

Breaking Bad Star, Bryan __ – Cranston
Item Used To Decorate Something – Ornament
Horizontal Long Bone in the Upper Body – Clavicle
Infrared Shooting Game – Laser Tag
Feeds Himself in a Library – Bookworm
He Won an Oscar for Playing Forrest Gump – Tom Hanks
Large Upright Block of Stone Shaped Like a Pillar – Monolith
Cranial Pain Usually Relieved With Tylenol, Advil – Headache
Mammal Native to Africa and Asia – Antelope
Moby Dick Author, Herman __ – Melville
Exact Copies – Replicas
Leave It Behind After a Meal – Gratuity
No Intersection – Parallel
Cuisine Associated With Miso Soup – Japanese


Cody Cross Planet Earth Group 3-Puzzle 3 Answers

Five-__ Discount, Aka Stealing – Finger
Dead pool Villain, Mama Strike force Fighter, Gina __ – Canon
Little Red __ Hood, a French Fairy Tale – Riding
Metallic Element Used For Magnetic Alloys – Cobalt
Soldier Trained In Armed Combat to Serve a King – Knight
Every Time, Every Occasion, No Exceptions – Always
High School Football Favourite Tune, Hang on __ – Sloop
Intelligent Primate Found In Africa and Arabia – Baboon
Last Name Of Two Us States – Dakota
British Rock Band Established In 1964 – The Who
Large Physical Body In Space; We Live On One – Planet
To Demand Something Firmly – Insist
Name of Britain’s Withdrawal from the Au In 2016 – Brevity
John __, Monty Python Co-founder – Cleese


Cody Cross Planet Earth Group 3-Puzzle 4 Answers

Second Biggest Country in South America – Argentina
Often Criticized Financial Institution – World Bank
Study Of Matter; Teams Must Have This – Chemistry
A Muscle Involved In the Breathing Process – Diaphragm
Rigid Military Position; Eyes Front, Arms at Side – Attention
Mud Avalanche Caused By Rain, Erosion – Landslide
Steven __, Us Film Director – Spielberg
Animal Blamed For Everything – Scape Goat
King, Queen, or Knave of Any Suit – Court Card
Type of Surgery Performed On Lung Cancer Patients – Lobectomy
Exhibition Games Played Before Official Contest – Preseason
Someone Riding On a Ship, Plane or Car – Passenger
A Person Who Moves Permanently To another Country – Immigrant
Animated Film about a Puppet Who’s Nose Grows – Pinocchio
Small Bitter Berry with Healing Properties – Cranberry


CodyCross Planet Earth Group 3-Puzzle 5 Answers

You Can’t Make an Omelette without __ the Eggs – Breaking
Two Openings at the Bottom of Your Nose – Nostrils
Small Silver Coin Largely Used In Ancient Rome – Denarius
Someone Who Sells Goods or Services – Merchant
System Where the King or Queen Rules the Country – Monarchy
A Trifoliate Plant That’s Symbol of Ireland – Shamrock
Geologic Period within the Mesozoic Era – Jurassic
David Bowie’s Androgynous Alter Ego Iggy __ – Stardust
Metabolic Disorder Associated With High Blood Sugar – Diabetes
Strong Feeling of Missing Home – Homesick
Contains Planets, Nebulae, Stars, Etc. – Universe
Famous Yankee Nicknamed the Bambino – Babe Ruth
The Way You Think or Feel about Something – Attitude

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