Link letters together in Waffle game to create words and earn points. The object of the Waffle game is to connect the letters and create as many words as you can in two minutes. The more words and the longer the words you find means you get the higher scores.


Click on the arrow to begin the game. Choose your language.

Use your mouse to draw a line across words. You can go up, down, or diagonal to create words. Create as many as you can in two minutes.

The bar just to the right of the letters shows how much time you have left. The “paper” to the right shows all the words you have made.

Tip: The longer the word, the better the score.

Tip: The word score is the total number of all the letters multiplied by the length of the word. So if all the letters in the word total 10 and you wrote a 3 letter word, your score for that word is 30 points.

Let us play the Waffle game now!

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